asics gel nimbus

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asics gel nimbus

Сообщение PollyLouise » 10 июн 2020, 12:15

Pete.. where do I start? Lots odf questions so asics nimbus I will try. There seems to be a lot of animosity toward ASICS, but not a lot of understanding of what the company does.. other than sell shoes..let me start here biomechanics, either for the better or the worse (or maybe not at all), biomechanists should be at the forefront of all design decisions.. at ASICS.. they are.. to the extent, that we outsource our research to about 6 diffrent universities, as well as using our own facility in Kobe Japan. the reason we do this.. which is quite unique, is that we want t eliminate any bias i our research and make sure we really do get an answer to our research question. I am very confident we get fear no favour answers, because if we are gonna publish this in the public domain, it is the reputaion of the key researchers at stake.

So we are good to go. Only problem is, after all that work, and several million dollars, a full 1/3 of the most recent cohort (24 athletes, completed April 2011), report one injury or another.. and.. we don't know why. We believe it is not the proprioception butrather the execution of the shoe (which coincidentally works off a very low platform). So.. the shoe cannot be marketed, and we must either asics kayano 23 abort what is a great idea, or.. push forward with the project.. which is what I intend to do. The only product that I am aware of, in the whole time I have been involved with this company, that got stymied by the marketers was a shoe with an oblique last. Let me point out that the shoe went to market, and we persevered with it for 2 years. the reason the marketers pulled the asics running shoes pin, is not because of the product or the company, but because the consumer just would not acept the look of it.. it looked funny, and although like the Nike footscape, it was ahead of it's time, the marketplace was not ready for it or accepting of it.. so it did not sell.

This group? Women. I wanted to try to understand why this was happening, and what we might be able to do to help, given that, at the time, all women's shoes were downsized versions of mens shoes, making zero recognition of the diffrences in anatomy, physiology biomechanics, etc. So.. we embarked on a fascinating journey. We set aside a budget of several million dollars, and went to the Univerity of Melbourne to meet with Professor Kim Bennell (a woman), the head of the Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine. There, we mapped out a research project asics gel nimbus that was to take 4 years, and headed up by the extraordinary mind of Dr. Adam Bryant, a biomechanist at CHESM. I will not bore you with the details, but the research yielded 3 papers, all published, and if you are interested, I will send them to you.

It sounds like a decent shoe (though the heel seems a little high for a "minimal" offering). I'd definitely be open to giving them an honest shot, but I'm not sure how to get you my info without putting it out there for everyone (not that I don't trust Pete or the readers of his awesome blog). Thanks for bringing this topic to the forefront of your upcoming meetings. I hope that Asics will truly consider bringing a minimal shoe lineup to shoe store shelves soon. Maybe the success of other minimalist shoes such as Vibram's Fivefingers line, Saucony's Kinvaras, and the Merrell Barefoot shoes (just to name a few) will encourage the executives at Asics to green light more minimalist shoe development. I think we've all agreed that there is definitely room for improvement in the shoe industry starting with education and honest/open discussion (which we appear to be doing here).

I hope this has answered some of your questions. I hope it has helped some of the other bloggers out there to understand that we are not the great evil, and we put a huge amount of time effort and money into trying to make running a safer sport for everyone. That is my one and only goal. Farnkly. I really never go into any project thinking "how many pairs of shoes will this sell".. you might not believe that but it really is true.. sales just aint my bag regards SimonWhere is your evidence that "it" isn't broken? Show me a study that show running injuries decreasing because of "20 years of progressive development." You can't. "This is how it has always been so we shouldn't change" is another way of saying your company is not interested in innovation. They used to think that blood letting helped get rid of disease.

Will Asics follow suit (a couple of old shoe styles asics netball shoes don't really count)? For your livelihoods sake I hope so.Maybe this debate comes down to each individual or company's definition of "progressive". You may feel that Asics is progressive because the running shoe line is "updated" regularly. It seems to me that the updates are driven more by marketing than science. That is my opinion as a consumer. I won't buy Asics shoes because I feel that Asics is maintaining the status quo (e.g., lots of cushioning, pronation control devices) and, in my opinion, maintaining the status quo seems to Изображение be directly at odds with the idea of progressive development.