balenciaga race runner

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balenciaga race runner

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The handbag included a cell phone and key, a purse and some cashes. ÿþIn a wide-ranging interview, Gvasalia cleared the air on a number of misconceptions about his design process, confessed to reading "The Power of Now" daily, articulated the thinking behind Balenciaga 's unconventional Instagram account, and also let slip he's had it with pre-collections, and all-night partying. "If I wasn't making clothes, I'd probably be making movies, " he said over a plate of perfectly piled French string beans at Caviar Kaspia in Paris, his lanky frame shrouded in a roomy black Vetements hoodie with an arm patch reading "One size fits most. " "We work kind of like in a movie, dressing this cast, this community of Balenciaga people. " Gvasalia pointed out that Cristóbal Balenciaga similarly lifted ideas from the everyday, and thrust them into the rarified realm of haute balenciaga race runner couture.

He worked on volumes first and foremost, and not decoration, said Gvasalia, who in an early collection for Balenciaga transposed the flaring back of the semi-fit jacket into a black sweatshirt. "What I found at Balenciaga was kind of a gift for me. I found Cristóbal Balenciaga's approach to volume was so perfectly suitable for me with my personal taste for volume. " In reporting full-year results earlier this month, the French group trumpeted a "stellar" performance from Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen, which are lumped in with "other houses. " (It only details sales and profits results for the Gucci, Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta brands. Other houses also include Boucheron, Brioni, Pomellato, Ulysse Nardin and Girard-Perregaux. )

To be sure, Vetements and Balenciaga have been in the crosshairs over models several times; the former brand criticized for a lack of diversity in some of its early shows; the latter called out in 2017 for making 150 girls wait in a dark stairwell for three hours in order to try out for its show. Balenciaga immediately issued apologies, and made radical changes to its casting process, including discontinuing the relationship its then casting agency. "I wanted Balenciaga not to be looking like a brand Instagram, or a corporate brand in fashion, " he explained. "I thought it has to look like somebody else's Instagram, like a person's Instagram or a group of people. Basically our Instagram today is a kind of Balenciaga community that we build that visually represents my vision of Balenciaga. " Gvasalia's first project in the socially engaged vein was with the World Food Programme.

You need to have an incredible talent to be able to take that legacy on, which is why I think the French were so unhinged when Alexander Wang was there. " "I would see Demna as being equally thoughtful about what he does and doing it in a way that's more relevant for now, incorporating elements that make it more relevant, " adds Blanks. "What Balenciaga did for his time was so extraordinary, what Margiela did for his time was so extraordinary, and what Demna is doing for his time is taking some balenciaga arena low of those ideas and extending them to a contemporary context. " Under Gvasalia, striped laundry bags and cobalt, papery plastic bags all too familiar to Ikea shoppers have been transformed into premium leather Balenciaga holdalls; skiing cagoules made with a studied structure evocative of the collars that would stand away from the nape in order to elongate the neck, "allowing women and their pearls to breathe, " as Gloria Guinness once noted; and most recently, ordinary duffle and check coats given dramatic fastenings to create a sweeping, sari-like drape across Изображение the body, inspired by the posed mid-century house photography.